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aile magnet

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Aile magnet van Yo-zuri,

The Aile Magnet Duel unique Magnet Weight Transfer System. The Aile Magnet can be cast into the wind or into tight location because the Magnet Transfer System allows the angler greater distance and accuracy than with any traditional style lure. Not only does the Aile Magnet have improved casting characteristics, but it also has Duel world renowned colors and finishes. The action on this bait is perfect for imitating a fleeing or injured bait fish. Here is a classic shape but Aile minnow has oxidized silver coat body and revolutional Tandem Cast Balancer for dramatic long cast. Its unique Wiggle-Fall offers you more bite. 70S/90S - Now when trying to fish deep water and submerged structure the fishmen can use the sinking Aile Magnet. Like the floating Aile, the sinking model incorporates the Magnet Weight Transfer System, which allow for much greater casting distance and greater accuracy. The tight wiggle action of the Aile imitates all types of bait fish. This Magnet Series lure has combined all the best characteristics of the Magnet Weight System, super action, and Duel's finest finishes and colors.





26 gram

Aile Magnet 125F F633/HGAY 

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